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We offer seamless, expert assistance in obtaining Private Limited Company licenses, ensuring your business meets all regulatory requirements

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We provide comprehensive Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) licensing and complete support for all you business needs and requirements


Get your Partnership License and comprehensive support for seamless business operations with our expert auditing services. And a excellent customer service


We provide comprehensive GST license services and all necessary support, ensuring smooth compliance for your business needs

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Get your Sole Proprietorship license and comprehensive support with our expert auditing services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free


We provide MSME licenses and comprehensive support services to ensure your business meets all regulatory requirements efficiently

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We provide "Start Up India" licenses and comprehensive support to help your startup thrive and grow successfully


Your one-stop solution for IEC licensing and comprehensive support services. Streamline your processes with our experts

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How to Register a partnership firm in India

Por Pt Cmpany or indignature Daten Number Choose a man AA, and it the incorporation application theough the Perform with the necessary documente au fres

Making a digital signature for directors is the first step in Pvt Limited Company Registration Niallotted for up to three new directors during тропрово

Choose a negand unique name for your proposed company in compliance with name availability guidelines that don’t conflicts with any existing companies, LLP, or trademarks

Prepare the Memorandum (MDA) and Articles of Association (ADA) detalling legal and antemel rules and draft a few declarations as per the Companies Act 2013. We me here to help

Finally, Submit the Spice & Agile Forms with ROC using directors/shareholders’ DSC, along with the promoter’s signed declerations and proof of registered address for incorporation


How to Register LLP in India

Por Pt Cmpany or indignature Daten Number Choose a man AA, and it the incorporation application theough the Perform with the necessary documente au fres

The stian Pamestep Registration pratet begins with preparing reque Bocuments dots of peters, Subms proof of the lead Office, including stampedent Agreement and NOC fred

Choose a unique and desceptive name for your Partnership Firm, avoiding similarity with existing busmestes or fraclemarks. Verily name avaliability using the ne search tool on MCA and IP india websites

Choose an LLP name compliant with MCA guidelines. Get It approved and reserved by the HOC using LLP or HUN-LLP forms, available on the MCA website

Access the LLP Registration application (LLP) on the MCA website. Fill detalls, upload scanned, self-ellested copies of documents, and attach a Class 2 Digital Signature. Submit after paying the fee

The submitted Papplication undergoes thorough examination by the Registrar of Companies. If approved, the ROG grants a Certificate of Incorporation, along with LLPIN, PA and TAN, coming the LP’s registration

The 11 Agreement, a vital document outines terms agreed upon by partners must be submeled within 30 days of incorporation, its submission signifies the completion of the LLP inghetration process


How to Register a Partnership Firm in India?

the procedure u region of partoeshares an aplicatos to be filed to the fire of remse pressed nude Where the modeline applicatures C be accessed fled out and submitted Registrar of (OF), where the rendes offie, the soplicant needs to wait the CF's office in the state and file the application manally fiegandesast modicat aponicate applicant muat nantgite through the following theps to complete the Parters Firm Registration process

The Indian Partnership Registration process begins with prepering required Jucumerits, including KYC documents of partners, PAN, Aadhar, and address prout Submit proof of the firm’s Registered Office, including stamped Rent Agreement and NOC frented

Choose a unique and desceptive name for your Partnership Firm, avoiding similarity with existing businesses or Dademarks. Verify name availability using the na search took us MCA and India websites

the Partnership Deed, a crucial document for forming a Partnership Firm in india, is drafted on Stamp Pager and notarized All partiens sign in the presence of a notary and witnesses, with staimp duty and mutary charges finalizing the registration

to obtain a PAN for the firm from 43A for ncome tax compliance for TOU compliance apply for TAN uting Form all upon approval, the Government assuages FAN and TAN to the fom

ur 51 compliance, ParDiership muss register by submitting an application and required documents on the GST portal Upon approval, the Department issues unique GSTIN for future GS Prelated activities

To register a Partnership firm in india, check the registration mode on your stale. I ur onlite registration, submit the application and documents on the ROF wellsite For offline registration, visit the ROF office fil the focin, and submit


How to Register a Proprietorship Registration in India?

The Proprietorship Registration process in India is the easiest and simplest among all business structures. There is no requltement of a forma incorporation you can straightaway start your business activities aller you have fulfilled all memum requirements mentioned above However, aller starting business operation, you must take certain mandatory registrations to establish your themes legal existence Navigate through the shops below to complete the Sole Prophetorship Registration process in indis

Fu register a Gole Proprietorsing in india star) by preparing the necesary documents, including KYC documents and proof of address Ensure the documents are accurate and uptodate

Allet prepening the documents, The rest step to select a unique and legally vald name for your Sole Proprietorship Losure it’s used by others and doesn’t Intenge on trademarks

Sole Proprietorship, as MSMEs can benefit from MSME registration Including аследа то козлs, interest subvention and rebates. The certificate is essential for opening a business hane account Magistration sendes

Sate Proprietorship maroust register for GST to comply with GST regulations. The application and required documents can be submitted online. Once approved, OSTIN is issued for future OST acties

All businesses, except manufacturing most obtain Shope & Establishmen Hegnstration, including Sole Proprietorships. Apply untere or offline to the States Labour Department with the required documents

Depending on the business activity and location licenses such as ILC Code for ansport/export of for foudrelated busnesses are mandatory for Sule Proprietorstips: Obtain these icenses to operate legaly,


How to Register for GST in India?

GST Registration procedure in india is entirely online and can be completed quickly in a settes of simple steps. Our team at Setindiatiz has been trained in addisting clients throughout the GS1 Registration process. Our services begin with preparing and drafting all the documents required for regatration and extend to filing the complete application. The steps below explain how we secure OST registration for aur plents in a concernient and hassle-free manner

The Rocuments sanded for GST retration depend on the entity type and busives nature It’s crucial to prepare these documents in advance to avid delays in the registration proess

For CST ragination, new businesses need to fill out an application on the GST Portal The spacation requires bask details kerty type Name. PAN numbe and sperating state/UT

For GST registration in india, the applicant must provide the FAN detals, which must be linked to thell Adalmiile number and emall for OTP venification sy the application process

Upon entering the PAN OTPs are sent to the linked mobile and emal Alter entering the OTPS s Temporary Reference Number (TAN) is gecerated, valid for 15. days for completing the application

sign in ang TENOST RPG 01 farm illiusiness, premiter location product/service, and thortzed signatory detaés. Lload recurred documents and verify the form sang Co EVC

After submitting all detailt and documents, the application is processen 10-15 days. Upon vesipation, que GST allotted to the bumees es GSTIN used for complicandchecks


MSME Registration Process in India

The MSME Registration process is quack, simple and easy Applicants can visit the online MIME/Udyam portal, choose the type of registration and continue with the application process. Providing the details of the applicant and the organisation correctly is crucial for a successful and hassle free registration Additionally, the applicant must be ready with the ente MSME Registration documents list beforehand to avoid any chaos later

For successful MЅMЕлирует (ерiation, submitting all required documents cniciat inommplete or insanect cocuments can leart to rejection, Prepare all necessary documents beforehand to ensure smooth registration process

Visit the Udyam Registrative Portal and select the type of regrutratios ine uptions ectuite registration for new entrepreneurs, anit ja registration for those with the old UAMPEM registration

Alter selecting the registration type, proitde your Atharan PA sumber Aadhar will be verified via OTP on the lived mobile, shule PAN will be verified through me acome TaxST database med to the portal

Next, fill out the registration form with accurate detalls including name, adress Dusiness type, nature of activity, heok and employee detalis, ensuring compirseness and accunky for successfai regestration

After completing the Odestregistration fun, a second OTP sers to the applicant’s mobile number for enfication. This step is request only for new registrations. Enter the OTP to submit the form

Aller the MUML Registration fois subinetted, a thorough exainnstions canted out try the concerned authorities at the MSME Minstry After a successful examination, the authorities will issue an MSME Registration Certificate with MINL Megstration Natiber written un


How To Get Startup India Recognition?

Wondering how to register for hartup India? We provide ful assistance through the documentation and Startup india Registration Process. Our experts make sure your application is filed with the correct information, product description, and prescribed documents. We are here to help you get your Startup Recognition Certificate cosily affordably and in minimal time

An uvingtstered business entity cannot quality as a startup under the Startup India Scheme So the fest step towards Startup india Recognition is to corporate your business with the concerned authority

The next stap is to register your business on the Startup indis Portal For this, you will have to sutamid the required detalls along with your contact details for OTP verification. Contact details include your registered mobile number and email address

Fill in detalls like the current stage of your startup, directoes/partners, the Autorisch representative, and so on. Alsis provide information about the business plan, fursting intellectual property and business acthities

Click on ‘DPET Bocagettton” in your portal, and a form will appear on the ser Fill out and submit the form with the scanned coples of the prescribed documents

The DPIST will examine the application thoroughly, and ultimately issue a Certificate of Recognition to your startup. The Certificate will contain


Import Export Code Registration

The Stepwise Process For Annual Renewal of ILC

Before beginning the process of IFC code registration, you must arrange all the documents that ane required to be submitted with the application faringistration Asst of all such documents that must be submitted with the application have been mentioned in the section below. A failure to produce any of the prescribed documents, or filling of incorrect documents maght remat in the reeection of your entre application, and you might have to file a fresh application again Therefore, it is advised that you carefully acmange all the documents beforehand to avoid any nasale or hindrance in the filing of application

To begin the process of IEC registration, you must visit the official website of the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). On the homepage of the website, you will have to click on the Sanoces rob, and from the dropdown that appears on the screen, you will have to choose the EC Profile Managerment option. On clicking this option, you shall be directed to the Registration page of the websit

On the new page that appears for registration, click on the “Apply for PC option, following which you can click on the “Register” option. The registration form will appear on the screen where you will be reqared to filtrasic detalis like name, nature of business, contact number, contact email end detailed eddess

After Siling out the detalls in the registration form, you shall be requlind to generate an OTP for the validation of the contact details mentioned in the form. The OTP will be rebenved on the entall ID and mobile number mentioned in the registration form, after thest successful validation, a Temporary password will be generated aluch you can later use to login and fill out the detailed application form for online import export registration

Using the temporary password, the next step is to login on the DGFT website and fiff out the complete application, ellach/upload the prescribed documents with it, and pay the prescr bed application toon After the application is complete, you can eltek an the mit option, and watt until your application is beng processed. Note that the application to be filled out shall be scalable in the A 2A format

After the application for IEC registration has been successfully processed the DGFT Import Export Code and issue a registration Dertificate to the applicant, as a conclustre moof of his regestration of IEC only receiving the IFC onite and the registration certiteate, the applicant can begin import or export activities and conduct legitimate foreign trade

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